The Story Behind…

The Story Behind…

Shortly after arriving in South Africa, I took the opportunity to visit the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho. Strolling around Maseru, the capital city, I was impressed byabout the markets and shops I discovered in just half a day. Being a fashion and textile addict I was especially intrigued by a store which sold fabrics I have never seen beforeot seen until then. Not only were theyIt was made of an amazing quality of great cotton quality but also the colors and designs are especially impressive .were the colors and designs. Each fabric one was individual, with subtle the patterns were rather subtle with distinctof floral and geometric designs. Still admiring the well-sorted shelves I instinctively started to combine colors and patterns in my mind. And, yes, they are made for combination.

They are made to create ever new pieces. This experience marked the beginning of the new apfelgruen collection. I bought as many bales of fabric I could carry. Back in Pretoria I started to β€œplay” with the colors and patterns and added my own preference of European cuts. Out came the first pieces of the apfelgruen collection. The  Discovery of fabric stores in Johannesburg, offering the same variety and quality of Shweshwe as I have seen found in Maseru, brought great relief for me. As much as I like Lesotho and Maseru, to be able to source this great material close-by the apfelgruen studio is just wonderful



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